Healthier Yemenis

Healthier Yemenis


Following studies on herbs to improve health and fight

In various diseases I came to a study that was revealed in Israel.

Title: Healthier Yemenis.

A study conducted at the Institute of Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease at the Gartner Institute

Found that heart function, physical ability, testosterone levels and life expectancy

Higher among members of the Yemeni community.

A study conducted over more than 20 years and presented at the Israeli Cardiologists Conference

Held in collaboration with the Israel Heart Surgery Association.

The test shows that the diet

And lifestyle are the main reasons for the high life expectancy.

The test revealed that heart function, testosterone levels, cholesterol, sugar,

And the rest of the blood components are tens of percent better than the rest of the study group.

In addition, the physical and mental ability was tested.

The common joke for decades in the country is. The meager and simple menu

Of the Yemenites. But now with the growing awareness of proper nutrition and lifestyle

It turns out that this is the right way to a healthier life and with simpler foods.

And of course in the wake of this it seems that DNA is the main reason.

Evidence of this can be seen that in the age of “wealth” there is a change in diet and lifestyle

Life and members of the Yemenite community also began to suffer from diseases that were not common among the community,

Like diabetes and high cholesterol.

I will detail a little about the simple diet that despite being composed of foods today

Considered Pests Still in the study it seems unequivocally the difference between the different communities.

The diet included: dairy products, grains, seeds, vegetables, poultry,

Low-dose meat and special seasoning and in considerable quantities. Among the foods consumed

In large quantities: onion, garlic, parsley, coriander, hot pepper, brown beans, dill,

Seeds and roots that contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Tea with khawaij (unique spice blend)

The main oil is “Samna” which today can be purchased under the name Ghee which is common in health food stores

As a health product, or fish and seed oil. Have not yet produced olive oil or margarine (the most harmful)

All the various dough foods were prepared from wholemeal flour only and with the “marka” that can be stored

The same without cooling. The use of fats was a maximum of 30%.

The grains were mainly sorghum, millet, barley and a little wheat. Yeast is usually not used

The grain content contained less gluten, lots of fiber, the glycemic index was significantly lower,

A statistic that keeps blood sugar levels at an optimal level.

The sugar used was dates, honey, fruit and no white sugar was used at all.

Lifestyle: very early awakening and prayer to the Creator of the world, which is actually used

As the connection of man to himself and his Creator in a spiritual way just like meditation in a language known today.

And from there straight to the field work in the scorching sun that prevents drinking too much water

And increased physical activity.

And at the end of the day, sitting together reading a book and learning, sharing the day’s experiences with

Friends and family. The meeting is accompanied by a meal of vegetables and soup, singing, joy,

Thanks and contentment with the existing wealth.

The early bedtime allows for intimate contact and quality time with the partner.

This path has led to the shaping, strengthening and improvement of DNA for thousands of years,

With rapid metabolism, fat burning, high libido,

High testosterone levels and quality muscle mass.

Today as the information for a healthy lifestyle is more common and exposed, it is possible to live healthier and without far-reaching changes. Any person, from any race or nationality can improve

The level of vitality and prolong life with joy and satisfaction while using

In the same tools.


I added a link of a short travel story to Yemen from an interesting angle





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