The damage of alcohol

The slow and quiet cumulative damage of alcohol
It will start with a small glass of wine at best, or a bottle of vodka with redball in the backyard of the shared building, or in the evening. Aligning the line at the levels of damage in both cases, will come later, when in both cases alcohol becomes an integral part of almost every experience in our lives.
The distance and gap between raising a glass at an executive meeting for the New Year or an innocent birthday party, sitting at a bar and drinking without restraint looks big.
I have collected several studies on the silent damage to body cells beyond the liver, blood and arteries.

The first thing that appeared to me in a Google search was sexual relationships without vigilance and caution.

The first interrogation was conducted at a confidential university and included 90 women and 90 men. In this experiment a number of parties were held throughout the year some of the subjects were provided with alcohol and some had substitutes without their knowledge of course. This study shows that the number of couples who had unprotected relationships in the alcohol group was large and significant from substitute needs, without understanding the risk of contracting terrible diseases that accompany them over the years.

With regular alcohol consumption there is a much higher risk of developing inflammation in general and pneumonia in particular and even tuberculosis, studies show that 10% of tuberculosis patients consume alcohol on a daily basis and from time to time exaggeration. One of the main reasons is damage to the immune system.

Consumption of alcohol over time weakens the bones and muscles and can cause bone damage in various places especially in the small joints, such as toes and feet and even a risk of breaking bones relatively easily.

Excessive drinking impairs the reproductive system from the damage of sex hormones, which causes a significant decrease in sexual desire in both sexes, impairs erection and disrupts menstruation.

Severe damage to blood vessels and heart, fear of high blood pressure, heart failure and increased risk of having a heart attack, especially in women.

Damage to digestive enzymes and stomach, which causes the absorption of substances from food, gas, diarrhea, abdominal bloating and will even lead to anemia and malnutrition.

Severe damage to the central nervous system and damage to the myelin sheath, there is also damage to the brain tissue that impairs the ability to concentrate and memory. Alcohol causes wrong and sometimes dangerous decisions even during cleverness and alertness during the day.

Terrible damage to the liver and pancreas over time can cause pancreatitis and lead to severe diabetes in a short period of time and cirrhosis of the liver. The process of cleansing the liver and all the cells of the body that have received alcohol over time will last for several months.

Alcohol harms skin cells aggravates acne and causes premature aging, New York nutritionist Giro Rodriguez jokes with his patients “If you want to age fast, drink alcohol.”

Damage to mucous membranes in all body systems. Which is harmful to a large variety of organs. Such as: the mucous layer of the urinary system, vaginal dryness, damage to health, damage to eye moisture, dry mouth and more.

Mental instability with ups and downs, the transition from joy to extreme and rapid sadness. Depression and feelings of failure can lead to dependence on medication and of course alcohol for the purpose of escape. The jumps and the height of anger for no rational reason, causes social isolation and deepening of sadness.

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