Comprehensive Diabetes Treatment Plan

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ב- 10.03.19

diabetes program

1 step

Register and read the rules

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Payment for the program

3 step

Prepare the latest blood tests and make an appointment

About the program

In a unique diabetes program, we rely on research from around the world and especially on Chinese medicine, and within 3 months and on an individual basis, you will receive the optimal complex of treatment to fight diabetes, fight the physical and psychological aspects of the disease.

The combination of all the products in my care will help your body balance sugar levels. Treatment is based on improving your personal health and lifestyle. And in fact, not only defeat the disease, but also improve the quality of life.

Program Benefits

24/7 online consultation

Gradual implementation of the plan

Personal training and support

No extreme diets and severe restrictions

Program components

Nutrition advice, personalized and convenient menu adapted to your needs, with the improvement of eating habits. At the center of the program, we will reveal the principles of healthy nutrition and use them to improve metabolism and digestion, while balancing all body systems.

Травяной комплекс D2COMPLEX – это травяная формула, разработанная SHAMAN.Формула основана на древнем рецепте, который использовался для балансировки сахара в крови на протяжении сотен лет.Прием формулы в течение 3 месяцев способствует и ускоряет выздоровление и позволяет сократить употребление лекарства.

Support Meetings One-on-one meetings to adjust treatment and monitor progress and changes in your condition, as well as provide advice on improving eating habits, improving lifestyle, and helping to overcome habits that interfere with the process.

Massage Sessions of massage procedures and various methods. The procedure will relieve muscle pain, relieve tension and support physically and mentally throughout the process and actually lead the body to healing.

Sports recommendations, a unique and personalized training program for you. This will help strengthen natural immunity and improve metabolism and blood flow. The training will take place in any place where you choose, in close escort.

6 stages of the program

The program consists of 6 stages. Each stage lasts about two weeks.

The plan will be updated every two weeks and adjusted based on your results.

Want to beat diabetes?

Start a 12 week program.

We give you everything you need to fight type 2 diabetes.

Supply of D2COMPLEX formula
Strengthening the body step by step
Combined learning
3 face-to-face consultations
24/7 online support

12 weeks

additional characteristics

Add massage treatments (to improve blood circulation).

The cost of massage in the program is up to 50% cheaper.

Shopping tour

Add massage treatments (to improve blood circulation).

Personal consultation

Naturopathic consultation, training, accompaniment and personal accompaniment.


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Program Regulations

  1. The diabetes program is designed for men and women without age restrictions. The treatment is individually adapted to all the needs of each participant. Therefore, before starting the program, it is necessary to take blood tests and consult with a therapist.
    The duration of the program is 12 weeks for all participants. The new group starts according to a pre-planned schedule.
    The program cannot be paused or frozen. If for some reason there are difficulties with the implementation of all the recommendations of the program, you can get by with a minimum, which includes taking vegetable capsules and following nutritional recommendations.
    Proceeding to the next stage is possible only after the approval of the therapist, which will depend on the analysis of the participant’s condition.
    The program consists of 6 steps. Each stage lasts two weeks. Your commitment and following the rules of the program is very important, progress through the stages depends mainly on you, and you will be able to make the most of the 12 weeks of the program.
    The results achieved are individual for each participant and depend on the characteristics of the body and adherence to the program. Self-discipline is the only way to achieve significant results!

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