Kidney function also in Chinese view

Kidney function also in Chinese view.

The urinary system is an important part of maintaining the balance of substances in the body.
Functions of the kidneys and urinary system:
☘ Waste removal, excess hormones and minerals.
☘ To balance blood pressure.
☘ Maintain skeletal muscle system.
☘ Maintaining the acidity (ph) of the blood.
☘ Fluid regulation in the body
☘ Completion of preparation and assimilation of vitamin D.
The importance of blood movement in nephrons and all filtration pathways is important to keep the kidneys from overloading
And of course on the efficiency of the filtration.
According to Chinese medicine
The kidneys are the basis for all the elements for all the substances and in fact they store the essence of life.
The jing (extract) consists of the parents’ DNA combination and of course is built and preserved
Throughout our lives by diet and lifestyle.
This can be compared to a rechargeable battery, when the device is new, the battery life and power
Are at a maximum and depend on the manufacturer’s data and over time it weakens and needs charging
More often, depending on usage.
Therefore with adolescence there are physiological and of course mental and in fact general weakness.
• Like: hair loss and color.
• Weakness of joints.
• Decreased sexual function.
• Weak memory.
• Decreased metabolism.
• Digestive weakness.
• Immune weakness.
The reasons for kidney weakness are physical and of course mental.
Like, trauma, anxiety, a lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.
Sometimes the body’s reactions will be direct to the urinary system, such as bladder weakness that will lead to urinary incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome or high-frequency bladder infections. There may also be difficulty breathing, joint pain, impaired fertility and soft stools.
The way to maintain the kidneys and their function is to make sure to enter the right body and find ways to strengthen the mind.
Just relate a little more to ourselves.

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