Hormonal balance for quality of life

Our physical existence depends on a wide variety of substances that are supposed to maintain the functions of the body systems

Properly. Each mineral or vitamin should be in the exact amount and of course the hormones.

The hormones are formed in various organs in our body. Deficiency or excess can cause defects in the functioning of various systems in the body.

The responsibility of hormones is on almost all body systems. Sleep, fertility, and even mental stability. There are hormones that can be measured and a deficiency or excess identified.

Balancing and maintaining the stability of their presence depends on diet, genetic load, exercise and lifestyle.

The way to maintain the proper functioning of the body systems, is to pay attention to the sensations and changes in the state of health.

Hormonal imbalance is especially noticeable in women. From puberty and even after menopause.

The effect of hormones in a woman controls a large number of systems that can cause suffering and pain

Also affecting the immediate environment. The feeling of lack of control over mental state, lack of sleep, night sweats, menstrual cramps, acne, migraines and infertility.

The best way to deal with a feeling of instability, is to perform a medical examination and make sure there is no deficiency or excess of hormones, minerals and vitamins.

In the modern age girls start taking birth control pills with a decrease in the age of the girls every year.

And this in itself causes a natural imbalance at a very early stage and along with all the other variables like diet and lifestyle.

Beyond that, stressful situations and traumatic events can affect the hormonal balance.

Changes and defects can be seen due to hormonal imbalance, in adolescence, or before marriage, or any other positive or negative event.

Most often, girls accept and come to terms with the suffering and pain before and during menstruation, as a normal part that should be. But there are ways to avoid the pain and live a higher quality.

Problems with hormonal balance during menopause are equally common, but there are women who turn to the family doctor and take medications to soothe hot flashes and support sleep, when even with taking medications, it is advisable to maintain a lifestyle.

I will detail at the tip of the fork, the way to improve hormonal balance.

Eat foods that contain all the nutrients and as little industrialized foods as possible.

Avoid harmful foods and habits, such as smoking and foods that contain chemical flavors and aromas

And use of packaging and plastic utensils.

Lower stress levels by breathing exercises or any exercise you can connect to and ensure adequate sleep
Do not overdo the consumption of caffeine and sugars throughout the day and especially in the evening.
Exercise is an important component and it is recommended to perform at least 3 workouts a week.
important to emphasize ! There is no need to do marathon runs or extreme training, this too can have a negative reaction to the hormonal balance

There are situations in which a hormonal imbalance will occur, due to heredity or a slightly defective development (constipation).

In the plant world there are plants defined as phytoestrogens that allow for hormonal and risk-free balance

Taking hormones.

I have attached below three links to studies in the world that confirm the ability of plants to balance hormonally.

Black cohosh

Abraham’s discourse

Chinese Angelica





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