Greetings, friends

My name is Avi Oded. Has been practicing natural medicine for about 8 years. The work has focused in recent years in the field of naturopathy and herbs and is built on ancient traditional medicine, I combine Chinese, Indian medicine and Western herbal medicine. My philosophy is the belief in the primordial healing power of nature and the body’s ability to heal in a natural way.

From childhood I was fascinated by the healing properties of herbs and methods of traditional medicine. I learned recipes and formulas from sources where Western medicine is less well known. And in 2008 I deepened my knowledge during my 5 years of study at the College of Alternative Medicine, where I studied medicine in all its components. As of today I have gained experience as an herbalist with scientific aspects of plant influences on the body. And conducts research in the field of herbs, which have led to the compilation of unique therapeutic formulas for solving diabetes in a natural way.

The name Shaman represents the tribal healer and is so named in several cultures. I have combined their experience and recent studies on complex treatment methods that allow the body to return to balance and health and in a natural way.

By a carefully selected balanced diet, herbs, optimal exercise and mental support. This is the formula for successful clinic care. This path has led patients to amazing results and without medication.

For me, every patient is a friend. At Shaman, the schedule is very flexible, with maximum availability. If you want to recover and improve your health. I will be happy to accompany you to success and health.


Clinical herbalist


Tuina therapist and medical massage

Member of the “Association of Naturopaths and Herbalists in Israel”

Member of the Tuina Association