1. General

1.1 The website is owned by “Shaman, treatments in a different way” (/https://shaman-clinic.com). The site is used as an e-commerce site for the purchase of products and services by users of the site (hereinafter /https://shaman-clinic.com/he “the user/s” and/or the “purchaser/s” and/or customer/s). The delivery of the products is carried out by “Shaman Clinic”.

2.1 The provisions of this regulation shall apply to any surfing on the website, use and/or purchase of products by the users of the website, and they may change from time to time, according to the sole discretion of the company. Therefore, before performing any action on the site, the user is requested to read, very carefully, the terms of use, including the privacy policy.

3.1 The company reserves the right to change, delete and/or add to these terms of use at any time and without obligation to provide advance notice and/or retroactively. Any addition and/or change made to the website, the content of the website and/or these conditions will bind the user upon continued use of it. Accordingly, we recommend the user to review these terms. Using the website after making the changes indicates the user’s consent to these changes. To the extent that the user does not agree to the changes, he must refrain from continuing to use the site.

4.1 The binding and determining version of the regulations at any time is the version of the regulations published on the website.

5.1 In any case of contradiction and/or inconsistency, of any kind and type, between the content of the website and the provisions of these regulations, the provisions of the regulations shall prevail

6.1 The validity of the terms of use is cumulative and not reciprocal and the terms of use shall be interpreted as existing side by side and not reducing the applicability of each other

7.1 Use of the website, including browsing and/or purchasing products by the user, constitutes confirmation that the user has read the provisions of these regulations and that he agrees to the provisions of these regulations, including the terms of the privacy policy, as detailed in these regulations, as they will be updated from time to time, and also agrees to follow them and accept them without any limitation or reservation.

8.1 If you do not agree to the terms of use, please refrain from using the site or contact us so that we can assist you in alternative ways to your satisfaction.

9.1 It is hereby clarified that the use of the masculine gender in the terms of use is done for convenience reasons only and is not meant to harm and/or create any discrimination

10.1 The user may use the website for personal and non-commercial purposes only. It is forbidden to use the website and/or any part of it for a purpose that is not for personal use.

11.1 The registration to the website as well as the use of the information that the user provided to the company and/or that was accumulated about the user while using the website, will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of any law and in accordance with the website’s privacy policy, which is an integral part of the terms of use.

12.1 The copyrights on the website and all its elements, including the name of the website, the software and information stored in it, the auxiliary software used to operate it, the trademark, the design, the texts, the images and any other information belong to “Shaman” treatments in a different way. or to others, in which we stored the information, whether or not a copyright notice was included in relation to specific information. It is forbidden to make any use of these elements, including copying, reproduction, distribution, presentation, delivery to a third party and/or any other use without the consent of the website management – in writing and in advance.

13.1 All products offered for purchase on the website are completely new, in their original packaging and they benefit from the warranty and service customary in the market.

14.1 All information appearing on the website, including commercial offers and/or third party advertising (hereinafter: the information), regarding the various products, and in general, is general information only. The information on the website should not be considered as medical information or medical recommendation. Before any use of food supplements and/or medicine and/or any other product sold on the site, you must consult a doctor or other professional and review the consumer brochure. You must act only according to the instructions. The information on the website should not be considered as a promise of any result and/or a guarantee for the operation of the products sold on it. The site will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that will be caused to the user as a result of relying on information that appears on the site and/or links to other sites and/or any other internal/external information source and/or use of products sold by it.

2 order

1.2 The visitor (buyer) can make an independent order by clicking on “Buy” and “Order” or by calling the phone number at the top of the page. After the order is placed, a notification will be sent to the buyer about the confirmation of the order, to the contacts indicated when placing the order, and the availability of the goods or the expected date of receipt of the goods if not available. When placing an order by phone, the notification is made over the phone.
2.2. By joining this agreement and placing an order, the user (buyer) confirms that he knows the delivery and payment rules and agrees with them and fully understands them.

3.2 The visitor (purchaser) agrees that the price of the goods that appear in his basket, his selection and quantity will only be relevant when the “basket” is formed, and can be changed if the purchase is not completed by clicking on the “order” button. “Buy”.

4.2 If the visitor (buyer) refuses the goods until they are sent, the director will refund the amount paid by the buyer. The failure can be issued using the phone listed on the website. The order is shipped the next business day after placing the order.

5.2 The visitor agrees that the goods purchased by them are not subject to exchange and return after his departure, because it belongs to the category of goods that are not subject according to Israeli law. A full list of products can be found here.

3 shipments

1.3 After full registration and payment of the order, the shipment will be made on the next business day. The site reserves the right to change the delivery time of the order with the next notification from the user.
2.3 Shipping by mail is free. Delivery time 3-10 days * depending on the distance of the destination. Address delivery via courier in Israel, the orderer is required to add NIS 25. Delivery time 1-3 days *.

* The website management is not responsible for the shipping company. Therefore, in the event of an unexpected delay in the shipment carried out by Israel Post, the website administration is not responsible.

4 Canceling a transaction

Dietary supplements are included in the list of products that cannot be returned and exchanged.
1.4 What is stated in this section constitutes a disclosure in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: the “Consumer Protection Law”), and it is not intended to add rights to it, in any way whatsoever. To the extent that amendments are made to the Consumer Protection Law, amendments will apply

These will prevail over what is detailed below:

2.4 The right of cancellation does not apply, among others, in the following cases:

– Goods produced especially for the consumer following the transaction.

– Products defined as medicine (including over-the-counter medicine), or nutritional supplement.

5.4 Cancellation of the purchase before the product is sent to the customer, must be done in writing to the customer service center, stating the reason for cancellation via e-mail.

to email:


or by phone:


5 Maintaining data confidentiality and customer privacy

1.5 The delivery of the personal details in the order form is done at the customer’s will and with his consent. Filling in the details indicates the customer’s consent to their delivery.
2.5 The purpose of providing the personal details is to enable the delivery of the products to the customer and to obtain the customer’s consent and decision regarding the purchase of the products.

3.5 The website management undertakes that the details of the offer to purchase a product on the website and the details of the operation on the website will be used for internal use of the website only and will not be transferred by the website operators to external third parties.

4.5 For special offers or updates on the website. If you are not interested in receiving e-mail please contact

by email:


or by phone:



To ensure your deletion from the database of e-mail recipients.

5.5 The site will not transfer identifying information about you to a third party, except to credit card companies, and to any legal authority and except in the following cases:

– If there is an obligation to transfer the information about you (the customer) to another.

– To collect funds due from the customer for purchasing a product on the website.

– In connection with providing a warranty certificate or receiving service for the product or for the purpose of supplying the product.

– In case of violation of the terms of this agreement or any additional agreement with the site or anyone on its behalf.

– In any dispute, claim, demand or legal proceedings, between the customer and the store.

– In the event that the customer has committed an act and/or omission that harms or may harm the website or any third party, including the store’s customers.

– In case the customer used the site to commit an illegal act and/or omission.

– The site reserves the right to collect, while the customer is on the site and afterwards, information about his buying habits, products he purchased, products he was interested in, pages he viewed, and any other information.

– The site reserves the right to use the customer details provided at the time of ordering and any information collected about the customer while using the site for the purpose of producing and analyzing internal statistical information.