Zanthoxylum eliminates pain and bacteria


  Xantoxylium and the ability to calm pain and the nervous system. Latin name of the plant: Xantoxylium and the ability to calm pain and the nervous system. Latin name of the plant: zanthoxylum clava-herculis The plant grows in the Americas and has been used for thousands of years for medicine. The Indian tribes used […]

זרעי רימונים

The benefits of pomegranate The pomegranate is one of the seven species representing the Land of Israel. It is associated with mythology and is even found in the tombs of the kings of Egypt due to the fact that it is a fruit that represents wealth, beauty and health. In addition, it is common in […]

Painful bladder syndrome IC

Abdominal pain Urinary infection UTI

שנים רבות לקח לרפואה המודרנית להבין ולחקור את הבעיה המוכרת כיום בתור “תסמונת השלפוחית ​​הכואבת”. IC/BPS Over the years, it was treated as a chronic urinary tract infection and treated in general Taking antibiotics and painkillers. This made the bacteria resistant in the case of the presence of E. coli or Klebsiella. Common bacteria in […]


כולסטרול – הטוב, הרע והלא נורא… כבר שנים, אם עברת גיל מסוים, הוזהרתם מפני רמות כולסטרול גבוהות. אולם בניגוד לעבר, בו כל סוג של כולסטרול הוכרז כסכנה לבריאות וכאויב שיש להילחם בו בכל האמצעים, כיום, כבר יודעים שיש כולסטרול רע, ולעומתו – יש גם כולסטרול טוב. מה זה בעצם כולסטרול? כולסטרול הוא חומר שומני המיוצר, […]

IBS syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome

    Irritable bowel syndrome – what is it and how can it be treated? When we are sick, in most cases, we go to the doctor, we will perform a number of required tests, and in a large proportion of cases, we will leave with a professional diagnosis and precise instructions for treatment. Such […]

Helicobacter pylori symptoms and natural treatment

Helicobacter pylori: symptoms and natural treatment.Poor diet, stress, smoking and a variety of reasons, can lead to ulcers and gastritis. The world of medical science did not know about Helicobacter pylori and attributed the digestive problems to other causes. The bacterium was not known until two Australian scientists discovered it as a bacterium that causes […]

Healthier Yemenis

Healthier Yemenis   Following studies on herbs to improve health and fight In various diseases I came to a study that was revealed in Israel. Title: Healthier Yemenis. A study conducted at the Institute of Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease at the Gartner Institute Found that heart function, physical ability, testosterone levels and life expectancy Higher […]

The damage of alcohol

The slow and quiet cumulative damage of alcohol It will start with a small glass of wine at best, or a bottle of vodka with redball in the backyard of the shared building, or in the evening. Aligning the line at the levels of damage in both cases, will come later, when in both cases […]

Treatment of Helicobacter pylori with a natural remedy

H. pylori has become one of the most common infections in the world and in about half of Israel’s population, in developing countries the percentage of infections can reach 70% or more.The bacterium multiplies and spreads quickly and can enter the human body in various ways. Through dirty hands, kiss, polluted water. (H. pylori) is […]

Natural protection against viruses and bacteria

In recent months there has been an outbreak of a virus that is considered new to most of the public, but it was discovered as early as 2012. and claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world since December 2019. The corona virus is a hundred times smaller than blood cells and actually […]

Kidney function also in Chinese view


Kidney function also in Chinese view. The urinary system is an important part of maintaining the balance of substances in the body. Functions of the kidneys and urinary system: ☘ Waste removal, excess hormones and minerals. ☘ To balance blood pressure. ☘ Maintain skeletal muscle system. ☘ Maintaining the acidity (ph) of the blood. ☘ […]

Fecal transplantation for intestinal diseases

Fecal transplantation for intestinal diseases While rummaging through inflammatory bowel disease, I came across studies that have shown that treatment In fecal transplantation more effective than antibiotics in eliminating resistant intestinal bacteria. This treatment has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and in old shaman medicine for a wide variety of digestive […]